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Twitter for Business

Twitter is an online portal based on continual updates of activity using no more than 140 characters each time. It has recently become a popular way for businesses to communicate with the audiences that matter most to them, i.e. customers and prospects. As a real-time news feed with an ever increasing population and low cost of use (the only cost is time or resources), Twitter is an ideal business tool.

Twitter for businessTwitter is useful for

  • Customer service
  • Public relations and news
  • Advertising of new products
  • Thought leadership and knowledge sharing
  • Research and development
  • Checking out the competition
  • Monitoring comments about brand, products, service, etc.

What businesses use Twitter for

Twitter can be an excellent way for businesses to engage with their customer, prospects and employees. Your business can use it for:

  • Expanding a customer database by locating individuals with the interests and needs your business addresses
  • Increasing brand recognition amongst followers
  • Demonstrating your expertise so that followers look to you as a source of information and subject authority
  • Asking a community questions and getting answers
  • Building trust and a loyal community amongst followers
  • Gaining another avenue for permission based marketing
  • Use as a customer service tool
  • Use as a research tool
  • Increasing traffic elsewhere, e.g. website or blog

How WSI can help

While Twitter can be an incredibly useful business tool, it can also be a serious time waster if used without a strategy. It also requires a commitment to use it consistently over an extended period of time. Finally, it is important to monitor and analyse results regularly in order to determine whether Twitter is being used effectively and producing the results you want.

WSI Marketing Experts has extensive experience in helping companies to develop an effective strategy for using Twitter in their business. Call us today to discuss how we can help you based on your individual goals and business needs.

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