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Social Media Policy

It is very important that businesses have a Social Media Policy in place, regardless of whether they are actively using social media marketing themselves, as their employees are almost certain to be interacting on social portals.

social media policyEmployees should be aware of their responsibilities when mentioning the business on any social media portal, whether it is in a professional or personal capacity. Content associated with a company’s employees reflects on the business and should therefore align with company values. A formal social media policy will remind employees that they need to be aware of what they say about the business outside as well as within the workplace. Your corporate Social Media Policy is also a guide that employees can turn to when using social media on the company’s behalf, especially when navigating unfamiliar situations.

What is a Social Media Policy?

Your company Social Media Policy is a document outlining the corporate guidelines and principles of communicating with the public using social media platforms. It applies to all employees and is applicable to time spent both during and after work hours, and whether they are at the workplace or outside it.

Tips for writing a Social Media Policy

Here are some tips for what should be included in your company’s Social Media Policy:

  • State an objective – an overview of what the policy covers.
  • Specify branding standards – this includes information on how to represent the business brand on social media platforms, e.g. logos, corporate colours, fonts, etc.
  • Outline appropriate communication practices – give guidance on how employees should communicate responsibly on social media in order to represent your business brand appropriately.
  • Discuss confidentiality – make sure your employees understand the importance of protecting the company’s intellectual property as well as keeping client confidentiality.

It is important to keep it up to date, as social media changes rapidly. Make sure that your policy is evolving to keep pace with these changes and stay relevant.

If you would like some guidance with Social Media Marketing, including developing your company’s Social Media Policy, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.