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Mobile Website

A mobile website will soon become as commonplace as having a website at all, more and more people are using their mobile devices to search for products and services online and once these searches are completed the user wants to be able to access the information that they are looking for quickly and easily. To simply display your business website isn’t good enough any more. A mobile website is much smaller, simpler and cleaner and is designed to be viewed on a smaller screen. Here are some things to consider when designing a mobile website:

  • Ensure your company branding is kept consistent
  • Keep your content really simple, get straight to the point and don’t have too many pages
  • Have a few strong call to actions
  • Make sure navigation is easy
  • Keep your most important information no more than one click away from the homepage

You can keep your mobile website hosted on the same url as your business site, it will know which format to display based on the device that the user has. As well as helping to create a good user experience once on your mobile site having one built will also help your search engine rankings. A mobile website is usually favoured by search engines over non mobile versions as ultimately a search engine is trying to display the best possible results for the person searching. If you are using a mobile device then it makes sense that a mobile website is more likely to be valuable to you than a non mobile version. If a potential customer visits your site and has to scroll down the page or zoom in then you run the risk of them getting fed up and turning to your competitor instead.

Once you have a mobile website, you need to optimise it in the same way that you would a normal website, this way you can make sure that you are appearing high up in the search results.

WSI Mobile Packages

Mobile Websites
  Bronze Silver Platinum
Number of Pages 6 10 15
iPhone Compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Blackberry Compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Android Compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Contact Us Form Yes Yes Yes
Click To Call Yes Yes Yes
Content Implementation 6 10 15
Site Setup on the Server Yes Yes Yes
User Can Edit Content (CMS) No No Yes
COST £450 £650 £950
Mobile Optimisation – 6 Month Campaigns
  Bronze Silver Platinum
Number of Keywords 6 10 15
Keyword Research Yes Yes Yes
Analytics and Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Sitemap Creation 1 1 1
Mobile Website Validation 1 1 1
Mobile Site Meta Tag Creation 5 10 15
Mobile XML Sitemap Submission Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Search Engine Submission 5 10 15
Mobile Site Submissions 30 60 80
Setup Cost £250 £400 £500
Monthly Cost £65 £90 £120
*If Mobile Website is not purchased add additional £150 to setup and £75 to monthly

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