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Link Building is something you might have heard mentioned before you may know that it is important in ensuring that your website shows in the top 10 results when people search for your business online. In fact it is a combination of good content on your website and links to your website that really make the biggest difference.

Link Building more traditionally was done through manually adding your website to different directories in more recent years we have seen the advent of tools that will automate this for you. There is still value in directory listings but you need to do some research and understand which ones are going to be good for your business and which ones will get ignored by the search engines.

Then we saw article marketing explode into the world of online marketing. This was basically where you wrote lots of articles about specific keywords which were important for your website to get found for.  These arLink Building Servicesticles were syndicated across the internet to different article sites such as Ezine and you were allowed to include links from these sites back to your website. This was great for a while but again things changed.

Now we have a whole new set of rules to play by, Google released a couple of major updates to the way that they calculate which position different websites rank. These updates took place during 2011 and resulted in many websites falling dramatically through the rankings overnight.

The constant changes to the way that link building works is the sole reason that you need to work with a company that can keep up to date and adapt your campaign as these changes take place. Link Building is something that takes expertise and that is where we can help. So please get in touch if you want to discuss in more detail your link building requirements.