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Conversion Architecture

Conversion Architecture is one of the most important considerations when designing and developing a new website.  Whilst it is vitally important to get traffic to your website, even more important is what you do with those people once they get there.  In the same way that a retail outlet thinks very carefully about the layout of the shop to try and optimise sales, you need to have the same approach with your website.  In order to help people make a positive buying decision, they need to have a good online experience and one that encourages them to take the action that you desire.

Think of Conversion Architecture as a framework, this framework sets out the form and functions, look and feel and overall content of a website.  It is based around the idea that each visitor to your website is there for a specific reason, they have a need that they are looking to fulfil.  In order to do this you must make it easy for each visitor to navigate around the website easily and efficiently.

An example of where this works well is the scenario where you are looking for a specific product.  You want to buy it online, you visit a website but find it really difficult to find the exact product you want, the likelihood is that you will simply leave that website and visit another instead.  With the right Conversion Architecture in place, this would never happen.

Things to consider with regards to Conversion Architecture

  • Thinking about the reasons why visitors will come to your website will allow you to use conversion architecture to its fullest
  • Make sure it is easy to navigate from page to page
  • Do your pages have enough information about each product/service
  • Where are the call to action buttons placed
  • Where is your most important content placed on each page
  • The general layout
  • How easy is it to find contact information
  • How are you using images/video

These are just a few of a very long list of things to think about. We have a wealth of experiene in designing and building websites, in fact we’ve been doing website design for Essex businesses since 2007. Conversion Architecture plays an incredibly important role in designing and building a website which is why it is always best to seek professional advice at the outset.  If you wish to discuss conversion architecture in more detail please contact us and we will be happy to help.