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Case Study: Adkins Snoring Aid

Goals and Challenges

Prior to working with WSI Marketing Experts, Adkins Snoring Aid had only a basic web presence and no social media marketing strategy. They needed to increase awareness of their product, which was relatively unknown to the general public, as well as explain how it worked in order to increase interest and product sales. They also needed a quick way to engage with potential customers in the meantime.

The Solution

WSI Marketing Experts worked to make the website more search engine and visitor friendly, using SEO principles and by adding more informational content. A blog was started and social media accounts were set up and branded on Twitter and Facebook.

In addition we decided to increase awareness of the product and create a social media following by means of a competition. The client agreed to offer an iPad as a prize, and we used a Facebook application to set up a “Funniest Snoring Video Competition” on their Facebook page. Entrants could upload their snoring videos for the general public to vote on. The video with the most votes by the closing date would win the prize.

The competition was publicised on the Facebook page itself, as well as on Twitter, on the client’s website and blog, and on competition websites on the Internet. We created videos to advertise the competition too, which were uploaded to the website, Facebook page and Youtube.

The Results

Visits to the client’s Facebook page increased dramatically, as did the number of page likes. The graph below shows how the daily, weekly and monthly active users increased from none to significant numbers for the period during which the competition was running. Even after the competition closed mid January, the number of monthly active users remained high. Traffic to the website also increased as a result.

After the competition closed we created a page on the client’s website to display the videos that entrants uploaded, thereby gaining maximum benefit from the “fun” factor of the competition for future visitors to the website.

We have continued to post informative and fun content to the Facebook page, as well as information about the product, in order to maintain interest from the followers gained during the competition.